Friday, October 17, 2008


Where would you have me go?

Iv been where you took me

To the brink of the cliffs over the storming maddening ocean

Iv been deep within the calm of that same ocean

Iv been on the rollercoaster to hell and heaven

Iv been with you to the very end of the world and back

Iv touched the horizon

Iv touched the dew on the smallest tenderest flower in the garden

Felt the last striving breath of a loved one on my arm

Ran my blood cold and yet it broke me

I have felt the cry of a newborn

Awakened to this world

I have seen the struggle between life and death

Of a man who brought up five daughters

With all the love he had

Only to see them suffer

At the hands of this harsh coarse world

Now my dearest where would you have me go??

We have been together




Now my dearest, we must part and experience that which is beyond your reach

Maybe I will hold his hand, talk to him, love him, and get all my answers

Or maybe not

Because I do not know whether he exists

But life my dearest, there is someone out there, who deserves you better than i

Someone who needs you more than i

Someone who's loved one sits down to pray to him

Day and night to spare you for a loved one

To spare you so the loved can be everywhere that you have taken me

Go to them dearest,

For they will cherish you more than I ever could…

Goodbye my dearest

Thursday, February 28, 2008

for the blessedly oblivious

write-speak-move for the blessedly oblivious..they see what they want to..dont stumble over their pride..they remain indifferent..or ignorant to reality..struggle they do but for reasons unknown or unexisting..a life adrift..a life they dont wake up to..they dont have to.they walk in a dream.dont blame them..they dont bleed as those who have unknowingly gambeld with fate..dont try to make them understand..i heard this great person said "experience holds its own sense of understanding".they know nuthing of it and yet they claim to have been there..suffered it...i dont scorn them..i laugh because man can never be at peace..i laugh cuz they claim they suffer and yet they stay oblivious to the pain resulting from reality,with ears covered mouth closed they after day night after night remaining obvious to their dream..they dont wake up to reality but try to create it in reality..i know you dont comprehend what i say..but then i dont write so u comprehend..i write to laugh off this dilemma that faces me everyday..i see them create problems and whimper about them..they beg for sympathy..or shall i say they need ur attention..they whimper and skulk when left alone...the day they do shake off this dream and come face to face with this macabre of will be doomsday..and so i bow low and pray..and hope they dont have to come to it..i write my freind for all of the world..for u and me and for the blessedly oblivious,may they dream and be happy forever..

“The time to hesitate is through.”

“The time to hesitate is through.”
Jim Morrison-Poet