Saturday, March 21, 2009

All the same

i stand here today
exactly where i stood a while back
i step forth
face down
looking at the ground
it seems to change beneath my feet
different contours
smooth rough
and when i gather enough courage to look up
i find myself exactly where i was
i fathom my treading is but an illusion
either that or the world around me is the same
every picture, every sunset, every winter, every summer
all the same
well someone said the worlds round
so what goes around come around
well, i have to say
i dont know about that,
all i know is that i stand here today
treading forward
but im not moving, im stagnant
a ever will be

Monday, March 2, 2009


She fluttered into life,
a sound escaped
meek but audible

She lay there cocooned in the arms of nature
the wind blew strong and she toppled over and fell
but whilst falling she learned to fly
a fool , she flew not away
she flew in circles round and round trying to keep her roots intact
and flies she still
not into freedom
for she must "hold the hand that holds her down"
and stay pinned to the circle she has been taking for years
One day though she might just escape to some new circle
some new land
to preserve her shattered cocoon
and survive the bond

“The time to hesitate is through.”

“The time to hesitate is through.”
Jim Morrison-Poet