Sunday, December 27, 2009

An Eternal Accomplice

She crept up on me the day i first breathed
She made me alive
She took over a peice of my heart
and has increased her space there since
Slowly..her clutch on my heart increases
In the darkest of hours she held my hand
Never let me go numb
She spoke to me in lonely hours
She has been my sole companion at my waking hours for a while now
Hers is the hand that rocked my cradle
and hers will be the hand that lights up my funeral pyre
She is ever present,
in bliss, in laughter, in madness
who is she you wonder?
she rises when all else falls
she takes precedence over all that the heart feels
Longing, Love, Hate, Happiness
Some know her as misery
Some call her sorrow
She makes the bed our soul rests on
We live because she makes us live.

“The time to hesitate is through.”

“The time to hesitate is through.”
Jim Morrison-Poet